You know what? It’s amazing how flour can make furniture.

Let’s walk into this article together to witness the magic of flour and the powerful market support played by the industrial Internet.

In a furniture company in Shandong, the reporter found that a piece of ordinary plywood, actually 2.5% of the material comes from a local flour company. Two seemingly unrelated enterprises, with the industrial Internet as the hub, thus reached cooperation.

Xu Zilei, head of the flour company, explained to reporters that the 2.5% material is the “secondary powder” produced in the production of flour, which is a byproduct near the wheat skin. In the past, mainly sold to feed mills, if the feed enterprises do not have such a large demand, it will cause a backlog of products.

However, this often unsellable product turned out to be the necessary accessories for the plate binder, which also opened up a market for Xu Zilei’s “second powder”.

It can be seen that the industrial Internet platform can help enterprises achieve digital transformation with minimal cost and greatly improve production efficiency.

(Note: This article comes from the wechat public account of the furniture industry)

Post time: Mar-29-2024