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About us

SIBEI Dragon International Trading Company (SBD) founded in 2007, after 10+ years of development, SBD is a complete Hospitality Solutions provider for the turn-key supply of all FF&E , OS&E and special custom-made products. We offer service from sourcing, design development, budgeting, procurement, production management to logistics and installation.

Successful projects depend on consistent interactions with vendors, Interior Designers and Operators. We have our experience team for production management and quality assurance which is essential steps to maximize the probabilityof delivering material to the site with zero defects and on time.

Our production marketing network covers more than 20 countries, and has provided products and services for more than 50 five star hotels worldwide. We provide for intercontinental, four seasons, W Hotel, Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt, Park Hyatt, Conrad, Marriott, Shangri-la, Hilton, Renaissance, Sheraton, Westin, Kempinski, such as the millennium all five star hotels in the international and domestic well-known real estate such as Poly, Ever grande, China resources, Wanda, Grand Skylight Group and HuaGui Garden to provide high-end custom furniture and accessories, is the preferred industry brand.

We work closely with Clients, Architects, Interior Designers, Hotel Operators and client representative to provide cost effective solution for their hospitality requirements without compromise to their individual quality and operating standards.

We believe we are the most unique and customized service provider in the regions and have the right solutions for your esteemed organization and SBD to create a successful and mutually beneficial business partnership. 

Which is better or worse, multi-layer boa...

Meng Hui, deputy secretary-general of the Guangdong Custom Home Association, said that as far as the plate itself is concerned, “pellet board and multilayer board belong to two different types of products, which have their own characteristics in comprehensive performance and application sce...

You know what? It’s amazing how flo...

Let’s walk into this article together to witness the magic of flour and the powerful market support played by the industrial Internet. In a furniture company in Shandong, the reporter found that a piece of ordinary plywood, actually 2.5% of the material comes from a local flour company. Two...

A Brief Interpretation of the Current Sit...

At present, smart homes are promoting model innovation, striving to make products actively understand consumers, rather than letting consumers adapt to products, and creating a warm and comfortable home environment. In addition, with the continuous emergence of intelligent products such as smart ...

Appreciate The Last Shift Office Chair

” The Last Shift Office Chair “Designed by British designer Chairbox, He hopes to use this special form to remind everyone moderate work. (The article and pictures are sourced from: Furniture industry WeChat official account)

The service bridge between merchants and ...

For a qualified furniture delivery and installation technician, not only does it require mature furniture installation skills, but also sufficient physical strength and patience. Not only do we need to provide thoughtful and in place services, but we also need to be sincere and trustworthy in ord...
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