The service bridge between merchants and customers – furniture delivery and installation engineers

For a qualified furniture delivery and installation technician, not only does it require mature furniture installation skills, but also sufficient physical strength and patience. Not only do we need to provide thoughtful and in place services, but we also need to be sincere and trustworthy in order to win the recognition of customers and manufacturers.

Accept orders, schedule delivery times with customers, arrange orders, plan routes, load on your own, deliver goods to your doorstep, install carefully, sign on the delivery note after the customer is satisfied with the experience, and clean up work waste. This is the standard operating process for furniture delivery and installation engineers. They travel between thousands of households, building a service bridge between merchants and customers, connecting the delivery and installation processes, and completing the “delivery+installation” process in one go. While meeting consumer needs, they also rely on honest and diligent labor to pursue their own life value.

In this industry, there are a large number of dedicated practitioners who are ordinary yet extraordinary. Silently glowing and glowing in the workplace

(Note: This article is excerpted from the furniture industry WeChat official account)

Post time: Oct-30-2023