A Brief Interpretation of the Current Situation of Home Intelligence

At present, smart homes are promoting model innovation, striving to make products actively understand consumers, rather than letting consumers adapt to products, and creating a warm and comfortable home environment.

In addition, with the continuous emergence of intelligent products such as smart toilets and automatic frying pans with AI sensing functions, the innovation of smart home technology is also constantly advancing.

Although the smart home industry has developed rapidly under the dual support of national policies and technological changes, there are also some urgent problems that need to be solved. Scholars have pointed out that there are still three shackles in the current smart home industry: “connection, interaction, and ecology”, namely inconsistent smart single item connection protocols, fragmented home linkage scenarios, and high barriers to the intelligent ecology of various brands.

Therefore, some experts believe that the future smart home industry must focus on intelligence, standardization, convenience, branding, and personalization, strengthen overall coordination and industry collaboration, continuously innovate products and services, and promote the prosperity of the smart home industry and consumer goods market supply and demand.

(Note: the article is from the Furniture Industry WeChat official account)

Post time: Dec-26-2023